Two lines of men. Facing each other. 

            Metal and flint could fail to ignite

            - Gunpowder insufficiently dry -  

            And muskets would fail to fire, 

            Bullets which failed to fly.

            Yet history never failed in this matter: 

            Who lived, and who died.

North American battlegrounds from the 17th century onwards to the mid-19th century are littered with flint shards. In those fateful times, flint was literally the matter of life or death. 

It is thus not surprising that the characteristically dark and opaque flints queried at Brandon, Suffolk County, England are often retrieved from North American battlegrounds, as Brandon flint makes the best raw material for gunflints. 

Flint was quarried at Brandon since pre-historic times, but it was the increased need for gunflints which made Brandon truly world-renowned. Records show that in 1813 alone, over a million gunflints were commissioned from Brandon’s master flintknappers to supply the needs of the entire British Army!  

Today, this proud tradition of handcrafting gunflints is held in the hands of Will Lord as he continues to knap that exquisite Brandon flint. With 40 years of experience, and a yield surpassing a million gunflints, the quality of Will Lord’s craftsmanship is unparalleled, as is his reputation both as a master flintknapper and an era recreation specialist. 

Will Lord Demonstrated His Craft For Costumers is delighted to now have these Brandon gunflints on offer – quarried in the same place as many of the flints used in the original battles and knapped by master craftsman Will Lord himself.

Today we invite you to reenact history down to the gunflint!